3 Ways to Raise Your Digital Maturity and Transform Customer Engagement


3 Easy Ways to Raise

Your Digital Maturity

Digital Transformation for Life Sciences 

Despite many articles, keynotes and webinars over the last few years, it still feels like there has not been much progress in life sciences customer engagement. 


To top it off, now there is talk about how outsiders like Amazon will show up and disrupt because pharma and biotech haven’t moved as rapidly as they have. On the flip side, it is an interesting time to work in life sciences. Forward-thinking individuals like Vas Narasimhan are taking leadership roles and shaking up the traditional way and speed of getting digital transformation done. 

Whether you are working for one of the life sciences organizations taking innovative leaps forward or with one who is not quite there yet, there are many ways to enable your organization into the journey of digital transformation. Here are 3 ways to raise your digital maturity in life sciences customer engagement.

Omnichannel be done

There are so many channels that could be used to engage and interact with customers and yet they have not been explored at a global scale in life sciences; social, remote engagement/virtual meetings, and bots – just to name a few.

All these touch points could be interconnected for seamless and contextualized customer experiences instead of series of disjointed interactions.

AI in content and knowledge management is the present, not the future

In most cases content and knowledge management repositories are not taking advantage of all the advances in AI and machine learning technologies that are no longer science fiction.


Now that such technologies are available, an advanced content management system can achieve the digital innovations that are necessary to raise the maturity of customer engagement, especially in an industry like life sciences where most customer interactions involve information exchanges.

Demanding Change

Success of such digital transformation programs is dependent on stakeholder buy-in since the process of identifying, implementing, deploying, and adopting a new customer engagement system is disruptive by nature.


"People" issues as outlined by a large survey conducted by Forrester Research tend to be the biggest challenge to a successful CRM implementation.

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