Elevate and Transform Customer Experiences in Life sciences


The Omnipresence platform is the result of a strategic alliance between Indegene and Microsoft since 2017. It brings together Microsoft Azure analytics, Microsoft AI together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform for business applications, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Teams for productivity and collaboration, combined with Indegene’s deep industry expertise, analytics and omnichannel engagement IP. 


Omnipresence enables the leading life sciences organizations to elevate and transform the experiences they can deliver to healthcare professionals, patients, and business stakeholders.



We're passionate about healthcare. We’re relentless in finding practical and ingenious solutions for our customers. We’re convinced that technology and innovation will carve an indomitable path in disrupting healthcare for the better.


We believe that real innovation means that we constantly look ahead and build expertise in new technologies that will drive success for our customers and users tomorrow.


At the heart of everything we do as a healthcare tech company is our ability to collaborate seamlessly across teams with different academic and cultural backgrounds, and diverse skills. We believe the challenges that healthcare faces today need this kind of collaboration between teams, capabilities, and points-of-view.


Business Case

Single subscription for the entire CXM platform comprising multiple workloads, modules and functionalities

No additional hidden costs and attractive Total Cost of Operation over the lifetime of the platform

Built on Microsoft stack - easy to deploy, configure, customize, enhance and upgrade


Omnipresence will own implementation and subsequent adoption and customer success while working with partners


Deep commitments to training, retraining, change management and communications for platform adoption


Indegene has been partnering with top life sciences, consumer health and nutrition organizations for 20+ years on sales, marketing, medical operations and content enablement and has brought all the expertise into the platform


Team which understands business processes, compliance and the regulatory environment


Continued technical innovations through billions of dollars of investment by Microsoft will ensure that the platform remains cutting edge and is future-proof


The strategic alliance between Indegene and Microsoft means that the subscriber is seamlessly supported on all technical aspects


“As an example of how to leverage the Power platform and Dynamics 365 we can look at Indegene a partner that develops solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprises globally. They combined Dynamics 365, Power platform and Azure to bring a new customer engagement solution to the life sciences/healthcare industry…. Taking advantage of the broader Azure platform they have included services for AI (natural language understanding, speech, graph database and more) which work with the data model and business logic in Dynamics 365 and the Power platform.”


Steven Guggenheimer, Microsoft

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“Omnipresence offers customers a bold new choice – an innovative  platform, underpinned by Microsoft technologies, to drive intelligent commercial relationships. The next-generation solution will enable customers to harness data to provide actionable insights and realize better commercial experiences, with improved return on investment.” 

Alistair Macdonald, 

Chief Executive Officer, Syneos Health

January 9, 2020

About The Omnipresence CXM


Omnipresence is a unified customer experience management (CXM) platform for healthcare and life sciences companies with CRM, omnichannel engagement, advanced analytics and AI capabilities in a single platform. The platform enables organizations to elevate and transform the experiences they can deliver to healthcare professionals, business partners, patients, and other stakeholders while modernizing disparate systems into a modern, digital ecosystem. The result of a strategic alliance between Indegene and Microsoft, Omnipresence unifies the power of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AI together with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform business applications, and Microsoft Office 365 and Teams for intelligence-driven productivity, collaboration and customer experiences.

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