Is Pharma Challenging itself

to deliver Modern Customer Experiences? 

Customer Experience 


 Is The New Brand


   - Forbes 2018

Pharma needs to pivot to focus on the value that is delivered to customers today

There is a need for new business models  that focus on better customer experiences. These ultimately come from intelligent digital solutions.

Time to Reorganize Pharma for Customer Centricity

Build around the customer instead of around functional-focused roles as this creates silos of disparate  groups.

The focus must be on increasing the internal understanding of customers. If insights on customer profiles are truly understood, and the organization remains truly agile, a customer centric approach is possible. 

When Battling Intense Competition, Personalization and Customer Experience are Key Differentiators

Customers Benefit With The

Right Digital Foundation 

Challenges with many

Functionally-Focused Systems

With right digital foundation, customers can be delivered sophisticated omnichannel experiences such as medical bots, compliant social and augmented reality seamlessly. 

If there are many functionally-focused systems at play, how can you build one cohesive experience for customers?

Big Data Automation & Addressing Data Challenges

The Pharma Industry Now Doubles Its Data Every 5 Months

Do we have the right data, technology and organizational skills?

With AI, measure and improve efficiency of multichannel interaction

Reshaping Customer Experiences

Using Artificial Intelligence 

Mining and Automating with the Deep Customer Graph

How can AI deliver better patient outcomes by automating the mining of customer data ?

AI can help understand the customer journey, highlight interests and key professional relationships, at scale.

The Power of 5 Clouds to Scale Innovation

With The Predominance of Digital Native Prescribers

The Need For Data Automation and Advanced Analytics Techniques Is Increasing

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