A Top 5 Biopharma Organization Implements Indegene Omnipresence Globally


Moved to new platform in some countries in 2016-17

Several functionality gaps 
e.g. smartphones for reps, advanced analytics

Innovation gaps e.g. intelligent assistant, AI

Economic gaps 
e.g. cost of platform, content + data operations versus return

Thousands of users in multiple regions over 2 years


"The team was extremely good at understanding the requirements. They drove a quick turnaround & delivered according to the brief“

Chief of Digital Operations, 
March 25, 2018

Success Story In Medical Affairs

See how a Top 15 US and EU Pharma company implements omnichannel customer experiences and medical bots using Indegene Omnipresence

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Indegene enables global healthcare organizations to address complex challenges by seamlessly integrating analytics, technology, operations, and medical expertise and drive better health and business outcomes. Indegene’s IP-based solutions help clients drive revenues and productivity by making transformational leaps in digitalization of customer engagement, health reform, healthcare cost reduction, and health outcomes improvement.

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