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Is #COVID-19 Creating Disruption for Your Business? 

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Covid19 has had an unprecedented impact on the modern world, affecting developing and developed countries alike. We deeply empathise with the lives affected as well as with the caregivers who are sacrificing everyday to stop the pandemic.  

Companies are re-evaluating how they engage with their customers to keep employees and customers safe while minimizing disruption to their operations. Challenges have arisen from restrictions in business travel and the limitations placed on face-to-face meetings. Without the right digital tools, productivity may also be impacted.

Adapt to Covid19 with Omnipresence 

Remote Engagement and Collaborations Capabilities

Indegene in partnership with Microsoft have built a compliant digital collaboration suite with remote meeting capabilities for commercial, and medical teams to meet their goals and put their customers front and center. We are excited to announce that during COVID19 we are offering more easy ways for life sciences businesses to stay connected with both customers and colleagues.

The Omnipresence Experience 

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Product Focused, HCP  Oriented LiveTime

Detailing product content for no access/business continuity programs

Launch and awareness programs for innovative treatments

Patient selection and management for complex therapies

Case finding and lead qualification for orphan indications

Can use digital presentations as well as digital leave-behinds


Institution and Group Focused LiveMeet

Group meetings for large group practices, closed health systems

Consultant meetings, advisory boards

Engagement with health insurers or governments

Order intake and processing with purchases and administrators, pull through management, account management


Medical/Clinical Focused On Demand LiveTime

On demand medical specialists and educators

KOL communications

Device training and remote monitoring


Personalized Digital CXM Across Many Channels

Coordinated & Personalized:

  • Digital Meetings

  • Self-service

  • Bot

  • Email

  • Landing Pages

  • Social

  • Contact Center

About The Omnipresence CXM


Omnipresence is a unified customer experience management (CXM) platform for healthcare and life sciences companies with CRM, omnichannel engagement, advanced analytics and AI capabilities in a single platform. The platform enables organizations to elevate and transform the experiences they can deliver to healthcare professionals, business partners, patients, and other stakeholders while modernizing disparate systems into a modern, digital ecosystem. The result of a strategic alliance between Indegene and Microsoft, Omnipresence unifies the power of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AI together with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform business applications, and Microsoft Office 365 and Teams for intelligence-driven productivity, collaboration and customer experiences.

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