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The COVID-19 Post Disease Resource

The Covid-19 PDR powered by Omnipresence Patient Cloud  has been created to provide resources to patients who are recovering from the Covid-19 disease. 

The framework behind the PDR will be made  available on GitHub. We encourage physicians and other healthcare practitioners to contribute to enhancing this framework so these recovering patients can benefit from a good resource of information and other support.

More About The

COVID-19​ Post Disease Resource (PDR)

Hospital Care

As affected individuals recover, there is a great need to understand their progress, fill gaps related to post disease care, enable follow-ups, and facilitate data collection with healthcare practitioners/agencies


Anne Felicia Ambrose, MD. Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center Version 2: March 24, 2020 

Covid-19  PDR

Powered By Omnipresence Patient Cloud + Microsoft

Health Bot
Care Team Collaboration
Real World Data

Intended Benefit For Individuals  And Care Providers

Be a collection of links to useful resources for various kinds of support during recovery


Improve self service and self evaluation through out the recovery process 


Bots and forms to simplify self monitoring, collect important information and share information with relevant healthcare practitioners, community organizations etc. 


Measure customer satisfaction and QoL during a time of stress and challenge

Intended Benefit For

Health Systems & Organizations

Provide quick access to a common repository of resources for patients in recovery without each system having to create something themselves


Reduce wait-times and system overload caused by patient queries via self service to minimize chaos and confusion during a time when health systems are restoring themselves having just overcome infection peaks


Near real time information from the community vis-à-vis traditional means to  potentially enhance triage capabilities based on information from each patient


Base line information for Population Health Initiatives


Use the monitoring data to augment digital, post disease surveillance for formulation of new resource plans, local policies etc.

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