April 15 - 16


Join us in Philadelphia

Next-Gen Patient and Customer Centric Experiences 

Deliver true value-based care with Omnipresence CXM

Connect with Customers through Intelligent Experiences

We’ve now entered the election year and the pressure has never been higher on pharma to justify and deliver true value-based care. The place to guarantee results and drive that change is eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2020 (April 15-16).


Indegene Omnipresence is a proud Global Partner sponsor joining over 1200 pharma professionals, to define a new, sustainable model for healthcare with value-based care at its core.

Join us at our AI Ice Cream Bar to see how the Indegene Omnipresence platform brings together and contextualizes the power of Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, Offi­ce, Teams, and LinkedIn for life sciences. 

 Come Learn What It Takes

to Achieve Customer Centricity

Panel Discussion

April 15, 2020, 4:30pm

 Your leadership model for customer-centricity in the digital era 

-   Define the role of digitally-driven sales teams and set your management strategy

-   Set the standard of engagement with access, marketing and patient teams to cultivate a data delivery system which empowers

    the ‘analytical sales rep of the future’ with well timed, well placed customer insights 

-   Avoid and overcome common leadership pitfalls in the pursuit for digital domination

eyeforpharma Webinar for Pharma Leaders

 What Can Pharma Steal from Other Industries to Create a Total Customer Experience

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Indegene enables global healthcare organizations to address complex challenges by seamlessly integrating analytics, technology, operations, and medical expertise and drive better health and business outcomes. Indegene’s IP-based solutions help clients drive revenues and productivity by making transformational leaps in digitalization of customer engagement, health reform, healthcare cost reduction, and health outcomes improvement.

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