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Simplified Content Development, Approval and Distribution

Simplifying Content To Drive Better Customer Experiences

Optimized Life Sciences Content Creation


With Omnipresence, no-code/low-code content development supports the creation of truly responsive content as well as rapid import of HTML, PowerPoint and PDF content. With an approval workflow, version control, comment tracking, compliant content can be managed with ease. Global and regional templating as well as smart change control reduce the burden on review committees and improves the speed of the release cycle to the field. 

Life Sciences Low-Code, No-Code Content

Omnipresence provides field and medical teams with all the benefits of interactive presentations, supportive of animations and branching logic to help with ease navigation during conversation, without all the heavy agency costs and lengthy timelines.


Built in life sciences content elements such as an important safety information section, an interactive navigation carousel for slides, and tracking at page level or interactivity level in enhanced presentations.

Modern Digital Content Management

for Life Sciences

Asset Library

An asset library with operation team level controls and segmentation by user type and brand

Smart Change Control

Smart change control allow different medical and legal groups to be triggered access at the right point in the workflow

Medium Types

Creation of content for all medium types such as email, detail aids, websites, and more

Simplified Creation

Ease of creation and responsive design is conducive to templating strategies both locally and globally and across deliverable types

Are high agency and CRM costs

Hurting your Ability to Innovate and Engage HCPs?

53% of pharma CEOs are not satisfied with their digital implementation.The typical content development cycle is 8-10 weeks and that just doesn’t jive with modern life.

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Pfizer and Indegene Collaborate to Reimagine Medical Writing

At AI Summit 2019, Pfizer and Indegene discuss how content generated throughout the drug development lifecycle is managed using medically trained artificial intelligence to accelerate authoring and updating of clinical and regulatory documents.

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About The Omnipresence CXM


Omnipresence is a unified customer experience management (CXM) platform for healthcare and life sciences companies with CRM, omnichannel engagement, advanced analytics and AI capabilities in a single platform. The platform enables organizations to elevate and transform the experiences they can deliver to healthcare professionals, business partners, patients, and other stakeholders while modernizing disparate systems into a modern, digital ecosystem. The result of a strategic alliance between Indegene and Microsoft, Omnipresence unifies the power of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AI together with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform business applications, and Microsoft Office 365 and Teams for intelligence-driven productivity, collaboration and customer experiences.

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