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Security and Manageability

Omnipresence simply extends the Microsoft tech ecosystem that already exists in most enterprises, eliminating most of the overhead in managing a new technology stack.

Setting Up Security Roles

in Dynamics 

Setting up security roles is made easy in Dynamics 365. The workflow is intuitive. You can easily restrict access so users only have the information they need, but nothing more.


Microsoft brings unique, deep integrations with LinkedIn and Adobe. Creating new opportunities to simplify and extend. 

Why does it matter? Today, 2 million or more HCPs are now on LinkedIn in North America alone. 

Dynamics Marketing Extensibility 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is extensible. Learn how to extend the app to meet even more use cases.

See How Microsoft Dynamics Drives 

Modern Customer Experiences Across Industries

See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is accelerating digital transformation. A new type of business application that breaks down the silos and is powered by data and intelligence, and helps capture new business opportunities.

Microsoft Overtakes Salesforce 

in Sales Software Business

"Microsoft has made it possible for sales reps to be more productive on the go" Not having to switch between apps has a "massive impact on revenue"

Forrester Explains


Read about this important market shift

Why Customers are now choosing Dynamics 365 over Salesforce

Salesforce vs Dynamics 365

According to SherWeb, "since their main focus is CRM, Salesforce’s offering is limited to Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. On the other hand, Dynamics 365 offers its clients a wide range of solutions, such as CRM, ERP, Project Management, Human Resources, and Finance and Operations.”

eyeforpharma Interviews Indegene and Microsoft

The Power of 5 Clouds to Scale Innovation

Build 2019 Conference

Satya Nadella Mentions Indegene as a Strategic Life Sciences ISV

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 2018 Enterprise Awards

Published: Jan 2019

Best Enterprise Software Vendor

Why did it win? Microsoft didn’t step up to lead old enterprise software categories in 2018. Instead it focused on redefining and spanning old categories such as ERP and CRM, encouraging customers to liberate data silos and move the bulk of enterprise workloads and innovation initiatives to “the intelligent cloud” and “the intelligent edge.”


Microsoft is bringing powerful capabilities including the data graph of its LinkedIn network, the compute power and edge services of Azure Cloud and it’s growing portfolio of cognitive services together with its personal productivity and enterprise software. In doing so it helped point the way to next-generation software capabilities and expectations in 2018.

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Indegene enables global healthcare organizations to address complex challenges by seamlessly integrating analytics, technology, operations, and medical expertise and drive better health and business outcomes. Indegene’s IP-based solutions help clients drive revenues and productivity by making transformational leaps in digitalization of customer engagement, health reform, healthcare cost reduction, and health outcomes improvement.

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