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Dec 11, 2020

Next Patient Week Webinar: Across the Care Continuum – Empowering Patients and Caregivers?

Join this free webinar with our expert panel to learn how to leverage digital channels for empowering patients, from diagnosis to remission, leading to a better customer experience (CX), and better health outcomes.

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Dec 7, 2020

Next Patient Week Webinar: The Roadmap to a Modern Workplace for Medical Affairs: Challenges and Opportunities

Join this free webinar as our expert panel seeks to highlight the main challenges faced by medical affairs in effectively collaborating with other departments to significantly raise the level of the customer experience offered.

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Nov 18, 2020

Next Innovation Week (US) Webinar: The Power of a CX-First Model: Exploring New Channels with Intelligent Customer Insights

During this free webinar, the expert panel will explore how life sciences organizations can take advantage of novel channels with a CX-first approach that is desperately needed for success in 2020 and beyond.

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Nov 16, 2020

Next Innovation Week (US) Webinar: The Importance of User Experience (UX) in Delivering Great Life Sciences CX/PX

Get up to speed on the principles of UX in life sciences, its various applications, and how to leverage the positive impact of UX on the experiences offered to both HCPs and patients. 

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Nov 10, 2020

Webinar: Why Traditional CRM Is Dead & Customer Experience Management (CXM) Is the Future of Customer Engagement

This webinar explores the lessons learned from engagements outside pharma and identifies the highest impact areas where we can unlock smarter value propositions for customers and patients.

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Oct 1, 2020

NEXT Innovation Week: Get to 360! Differentiate your communications by scaling your customer insights

Omnipresence, Microsoft, Forrester, and IPSEN to take part in an expert panel discussion on how to leverage integrated solutions to create a comprehensive insights engine for a 360-degree view of HCPs and patients. 

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Sept 28, 2020

NEXT Innovation Week: Why Customer Experience Management (CXM) is the New Frontier for the Forward Thinking

Paul Simms, former Chairman of eyeforpharma, to join Omnipresence, Ferring and Microsoft for a discussion on why Customer Experience Management (CXM) is the best technology to build HCP rapport in 2020 and beyond.

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Sept 3, 2020

COVID-19 – Accelerating Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

Omnipresence partnered with Reuters Events to survey over 1000 pharma and biotech professionals - from R&D to commercial – to find out how their functions were adapting and what they saw the future as holding. 

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June 30, 2020

Omnipresence Announces Spring Release Feature Enhancements & New Capabilities

Omnipresence releases LiveTime enhancements for virtual interactions, edge analytics for server-less insight generation, and a new contact center solution to solve for COVID-19 business challenges and transformations

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May 27, 2020

eyeforpharma Interview: Innovations in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Paul Simms, Chairman, eyeforpharma talks to Omnipresence and Microsoft about the innovations being brought to the market by both in healthcare and life sciences against the backdrop of the current pandemic.

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Apr 27, 2020

Microsoft-Indegene Webinar: Next-Gen Customer Experiences for Life Sciences

There is a great opportunity for life sciences organizations to live up to increased patient and HCP expectations by creating an experience that gives them control over health data and provides insights that facilitates self-care and family support. Bringing world-class technology and a large partner ecosystem can help customers reimagine healthcare. 


Apr 23, 2020

Omnipresence Launches for Life Sciences in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace  

The next-gen commercial and medical customer engagement technology verticalized for industry requirements can be used with an online sign-up and transparent monthly pricing

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Apr 15, 2020

eyeforpharma Philadelphia: Building the Customer Experience Framework of the Future

Indegene, Microsoft and Syneos Health at presented the keynote 'It's Time to Digital Reset, Pharma' and shared their perspectives on short and long term strategic approaches to “reset” in the new normal. 

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Mar 31, 2020

eyeforpharma Barcelona: COVID-19 could cause ‘digital reset’ for pharma

Indegene Omnipresence was a proud Global sponsor at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020. In the opening keynote, Syneos Health, Microsoft and Indegene look at how the life sciences industry can adapt to deliver relevant services in this changed world and stay connected. Read related coverage at

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Feb 19, 2020

Gartner highlights Indegene in the ‘4 Foundational Best Practices for Success in Life Sciences Omnichannel Marketing' report

Indegene has been mentioned in Gartner’s “4 Foundational Best Practices for Success in Life Science Omnichannel Marketing” report by Animesh Gandhi published on 19th February 2020. 

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Jan 9, 2020

Indegene’s SaaS Platform For Life Sciences Adds Syneos Health As Strategic Collaborator and Investor

Indegene, a leading Healthcare Tech firm focused on the global life sciences industry, announced Syneos Health (NASDAQ: SYNH), as a strategic collaborator and investor in Indegene Omnipresence Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indegene.

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Sept 23, 2019

Omnipresence Brings Novel Customer Experiences to the Med Device Industry 

Indegene launched its Customer Experience Management (CXM) Platform to the med device industry at the recent MedTech Conference.

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Jun 12, 2019

The Big Players in AI Reunite to Showcase Advances in AI for Life Sciences and Healthcare

At the recent AI Summit held during London's Tech week, Google, Indegene and Microsoft came together in a joint panel moderated by Pfizer to discuss "How AI is transforming clinical and commercial operations in life sciences." 

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Apr 12, 2019

Nucleus Research positions Indegene Omnipresence in the Core Provider quadrant of the CRM Technology Value Matrix 2019

In the CRM Technology Value Matrix 2019 report, Nucleus Research identified Omnipresence as  differentiating itself by "through healthcare-specific advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities. It supports bot-creation to automate repeated tasks such as commonly received customer queries and integrates with social platforms like LinkedIn."

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Learn more about Nucleus Research

Mar 12, 2019

Indegene Omnipresence Launches On Microsoft Surface Tablets​


Indegene and Microsoft extend their industry-disrupting alliance to provide even more choices for life sciences organizations looking to transform customer engagement. It will be now possible to deploy Indegene Omnipresence on Microsoft Surface devices on the Windows OS.

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Feb 27, 2019

eyeforpharma Interviews Indegene on Customer Engagement Transformation in Pharma

Ahead of the eyeforpharma Barcelona conference on March 12-14, 2019, Sanjay Virmani, Executive Vice President of Indegene, shares, in conversation with eyeforpharma Chairman Paul Simms how pharma can build lighter systems and better data enablement by learning from the success stories of other industries.

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Sept 4, 2018

Global Leaders Join Forces with Indegene at PharmaFUTURE™ Digital Council 


New York, USA – Sept 4 , 2018. Global leaders from the top 100 pharmaceutical and biotech companies form a digital council to rethink and develop a scale-able plan of action for the evolution of digital in life sciences. 

Learn more about the Digital Council

June 5, 2018

Microsoft and Partners Showcase a New ‘Molecule’ for Better Health Outcomes 


Cambridge, UK – June 5, 2018. At the Intelligent Medicines’ Future Decoded event co-hosted by Microsoft, Indegene and PAREXEL, life sciences leaders reunited at the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge and showcased digital advances in their industry. 

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Mar 15, 2018

Omnipresence Featured in Keynote at eyeforpharma, Barcelona 

Barcelona – March 15, 2018 – Omnipresence, the modern customer engagement solution from Indegene in strategic alliance with Microsoft, was showcased in Microsoft’s keynote at eyeforpharma. 


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Nov 21, 2017

Microsoft and Indegene Announce the Launch of Their Combined Intelligent Customer Engagement and Management Solution, Indegene Omnipresence, in Asia

Shanghai, China — November 21, 2017 — Indegene, a global healthcare solutions provider, along with Microsoft, announced the launch of Indegene Omnipresence in Asia at the 6th edition of the PharmaFUTURE, a thought leadership conference.

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Oct 26, 2017

Microsoft and Indegene Are Recognized Among Strategic CRM Vendors in the Market Guide for CRM in Pharma and Biotech by Gartner

Learn more about Indegene Omnipresence in Gartner’s newly released “Market Guide for CRM in Pharma and Biotech”. This is a must read for CIOs to stay abreast of strategic  vendor moves in the CRM market.


Access the report

Oct 5, 2017

Indegene Announces the Launch of Its Full Stack Solution for Life Sciences Commercial Execution in Strategic Alliance with Microsoft

Philadelphia, PA — October 05, 2017 — Indegene (, a global healthcare solutions provider, announced the launch of Indegene Omnipresence during a joint interview at the 11th Digital Pharma East Conference in Philadelphia with Sanjay Virmani, EVP, Indegene, and David Pennington, Microsoft Business Applications Group.

Read the press release.      

Watch the launch announcement

Oct 5, 2017

Indegene and Microsoft are Silver Sponsors at this Year’s Digital Pharma

East Event in Philadelphia

On October 5th – hear from our experts and customers on “Global challenges of modern day commercial execution in life sciences and the need for innovation”. Come find us on the Innovation Track. 


See the 11th Digital Pharma East agenda here 


Aug 25, 2017

Microsoft Makes Great Strides in Software Sales, Getting Ahead of, According to Forrester’s 2017 Q2 Report.


"Microsoft has made it possible for sales reps to be more productive on the go.” Dynamics 365 is not only integrated with LinkedIn, it also provides full access to the Microsoft ecosystem such as access to MS Office, and Power BI for machine learning capabilities. Another major benefit of Microsoft software is its “massive impact on revenue” observed from not having to switch between apps.


Read full story here 

Aug 15, 2017

Recognizing the Shortcomings in Life ScienceS SaaS CRM in 2017 - A Whitepaper


Read more on the significant macro trends impacting life sciences in 2017, before your next technology replacement cycle. Contrast the 2017 trends with the current limitations of major CRM vendors to make an informed decision that considers all of your company's business needs.


Download the whitepaper here 

Aug 11, 2017

Microsoft's (MSFT) CEO Satya Nadella calls attention to Indegene's Mobile

CRM Solution for Life Sciences in Microsoft's Quarterly Results.

In an effort to reinvent business processes in the life sciences, where current technologies have really fallen behind the times, Microsoft has strategically partnered with Indegene, a global healthcare solutions provider. This powerful partnership will bring change to a space that is highly monopolized by big players who are not keeping up with the ever changing needs of the marketplace. 


Satya notes "... We also introduced ISV Cloud Embed to make it easier for partners to modernize their existing business applications and build new ones using Dynamics 365, Power BI, Power Apps and Microsoft Flow. Global healthcare solution provider and partner Indegene is using it to create a mobile CRM solution for medical sales..."


Read the full report here 

Jul 20, 2017

Indegene Presents Its New Life sciences Commercial Cloud Indegene Omnipresence

– at Microsoft’s 2017 Inspire Event

Indegene's Senior VP of Strategic Software Products - Jeff Wessinger - speaks on modernizing life sciences commercial execution through innovation. Learn more about how Indegene Omnipresence is built for the future of life sciences using Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI, and Office 365. 

Learn more about Indegene Omnipresence

Jun 14, 2017

New Global Analysis Finds Healthcare Reps and HCP Needs Are Misaligned,

Putting Both Commercial and Digital Transformation at Significant Risk

Iselin, New Jersey—June 14, 2017: Indegene (, a global healthcare solutions provider, today announced a new analysis, “The Digital Savvy Healthcare Sales Rep 2017 Report,” on technology needs and adoption by healthcare sales reps. The in-depth study covers more than 500 healthcare reps across the North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


Download the analysis

May 16, 2017

Indegene and Microsoft Announce Strategic Alliance to Deliver New Life Sciences-Focused Business Applications


Oakville, Ont. and Redmond, Wash. - Indegene (, a global healthcare solutions provider, and Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: “MSFT”) are collaborating to deliver the next generation of commercial cloud applications to life sciences. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales will combine with the Indegene Omnipresence platform to create a modern...


Read the news release


Apr 29, 2016

Indegene Expands Omnichannel Software and Commercial Solutions Portfolio Through Acquisition of Skura Corporation’s Life Sciences Business


Iselin, NJ, April:  Indegene (, a global healthcare solutions provider, today announced the acquisition of Skura Corporation’s life science business. Skura’s SFX platform is a global leader in adaptive sales enablement technology for life science organizations and delivers next-generation sales-enablement technology, ensuring...

Learn more about the acquisition

Mar 31, 2015

CIO Review Selects Indegene for 20 Most Promising Pharma and Life Sciences Technology Solution Providers of 2015


FREMONT, CA: CIO Review ( has chosen Indegene ( for its 20 Most Promising Pharma and Life Sciences Technology Solution Providers of 2015. The positioning is based on Indegene's solutions that ...

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Omnipresence is a unified customer experience management (CXM) platform for healthcare and life sciences companies with CRM, omnichannel engagement, advanced analytics and AI capabilities in a single platform. The platform enables organizations to elevate and transform the experiences they can deliver to healthcare professionals, business partners, patients, and other stakeholders while modernizing disparate systems into a modern, digital ecosystem. The result of a strategic alliance between Indegene and Microsoft, Omnipresence unifies the power of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AI together with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform business applications, and Microsoft Office 365 and Teams for intelligence-driven productivity, collaboration and customer experiences.

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